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A little about The Cabins’ Property:

We are on 9 acres and our guests are welcome to explore!

A few of our favorites are:

The Shop:  During our busy season (June-October), we carry a variety of pre-packaged snacks, ice-cream, drinks and S’more’s gear.  If the sign on the shop reads: OPEN, come on in and shop!  If it reads:  CLOSED, and you see our black truck on the property, just call/text and I can open it up!😊

Painting/Crafting Classes:  We have a resident artist that teaches painting classes.  Just call to schedule a class.

The Creek!  She runs along the North and East part of our property.  The Eastern part is the closest and the BEST place to drink your coffee in the morning or wine in the evening….ok, we’ll let you drink whatever you want there too 😊.  The Northern part of the creek is up by the tree line and there ARE fish in it, little brook trout!  Our boys have a blast catching them.  There’s a bridge to sit on and a few chairs too!  If you choose to spend time in the creek, please make sure to clean up after yourself when you’re done.  Pack all trash back down and put the chairs back on the bank of the creek.

The final acre:  Just North of the creek is our final acre to roam.  The property boundaries are marked with colored flagging tape.  Please stay within these boundaries so as not to disturb our neighbors.  There are cacti up there, so watch your step!

Star Gazing Vessel:  Our vintage ski boat is docked in the corrals and is perfect for “sailing” the night sky.  Bring a warm jacket and climb aboard!  Be careful when climbing in/out.

The Common Area:  This one is right in front of your cabin!  You can lay on the hammock, have a picnic, relax in the loungers or play some lawn games (located in the game room/shed).

The Game Room:  This is located in the shed past the garage and is marked with a Red Arrow that reads:  Games.  Inside you will find; board games, DVD movies, Lawn games, comics, etc.  Please just return anything you use before checking out.  There’s also a foosball table inside, but obviously doesn’t come out, it’s to be enjoyed in the game shed.

Your own “backyard”:  You will find a table/chairs, hammock and your own private firepit to enjoy.  Please make sure we are not currently under a Fire Ban before lighting a fire.  Just call/text  me @ 970-250-3817 and I can verify for you.  In most cases, depending on the fire ban level, you can still enjoy a nice cozy fire inside your cabin in the fireplace.

Your own Grill:  We supply a grill next to your cabin, if you’d like to use it, just call/text for a propane tank.

Our New Oversized Firepit:  This is a great place to hang out with larger groups.  Same rules apply as far as any fire bans (see above).

As always, don’t hesitate to call/text if you need anything at all!  If your cabin is missing something, just let me know as I’m sure I probably have it in the Shop or the Log House.

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