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CABINS & RV Campsite


A few tips when using our site to book:

#1 - We are centrally & conveniently  located between the town of Cedaredge (5 miles North) and the Grand Mesa Visitors Center (15 miles south).  We ARE NOT on top of the Grand Mesa, we are nestled at the base where the mosquitos are few and the town is just a quick 5 min drive to some great restaurants and shops.

#2 - You will not find a less expensive option for our property than to book through us.  Airbnb and other sites charge you more than our site will. 
#3 - If you try to book on our site, then back out of the booking page, it may lock you out for 15minutes before you can complete your booking.  The page may display a message "can't find what you're looking for"...this will clear up after the 15minute period.  It's best to completely get off the website and try again after the 15 minutes.  If you have any problems booking (please try first), please call us @ 970-250-3817 and we will walk you through the process.  Sorry for the inconvenience, this is just how the system works.
We have a 2 night minimum stay, so if you're trying to book only one night - it will also result in an error.  We are NOT a hotel, we are a cabin experience that simply needs more than 1 day.  If you absolutely can not stay for 2 nights, we do allow a 1 night stay with an additional surcharge of $45 but this must be pre-approved.  During the weekdays are usually approved,  the weekend depends on our busy season.

#5 - When searching for availability, input only 2 adults and if there are more; add on the last page of the reservation process.  Sometimes the system won't show you available cabins if you enter too many people.

#6 - Our site uses paypal to accept any credit card.  You do NOT have to have a paypal account.  Scroll to the bottom of the last page when booking and sign in as a guest.  If you have any problems, please call us and we can assist in the completion of the reservation.

#7- Please review our Cancelation Policy before booking!

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